Västerås domkyrka

2.5 km from Hotell Arkad (Map)

With origins from the 13th century, the church proudly boasts stars in the Guide Michelin. Kyrkbacken, consisting of older wooden houses in a maze of winding alleys right next to the church is also worth a visit. Medieval altarpieces of the highest quality, King Erik XIV's grave, Sweden's richest collection of epitaphs from the Swedish Empire era and the very own Treasure Chamber. Here you are met by the wings of history and traces of a thousand-year-old history. Read more about what's going on in the cathedral. Open every day from 9am to 5pm.


Vallby friluftsmuseum

2.5 km from Hotell Arkad (Map)

Vallby Friluftsmuseum shows the cultural history of Västmanland. Here you will find living collections of plants and animals, ancient monuments and collected buildings with objects that together give an experience of life before.The museum works with the preservation of living collections of farm animals and cultural plants.

At Vallby Friluftsmuseum you can take beautiful nature walks, experience the cultural history of Västmanland, eat good food and browse among shops and craftsmen. Every year there are program days such as Midsummer celebration, Christmas market, Living Museum as well as concerts, courses and lectures.


Prison Island 

0.4 km from Hotell Arkad (Map)

Experience a prison adventure where you solve cells and collect points together as a team – or an adrenaline-pumping laser game in a smoke-filled arena packed with laser beams... and the enemy. Choose fun, or double the fun!


Kokpunkten Actionbad

1.7 km from Hotell Arkad (Map)

Kokpunkten is Sweden's first action pool: a unique experience with custom-designed attractions spread over eight floors in the iconic old steam power plant in Västerås.

Your heart beats harder when you take the step out. The rush in your stomach is felt directly on your pulse. The blood in your veins flows as fast as the water in the steepest slide you have ever ridden. This is what we call pool adrenaline. Welcome to Kokpunkten!


Leos Lekland

4.4 km from Hotell Arkad (Map)

Leos Lekland is Scandinavia's largest and most visited chain of playlands. At Leo's Playland, happy children can run, play, climb and romp. Here is the perfect activity for children who want to play in Leo's large activity center.

Our playlands are a place for children to explore and experience exciting play activities. We also have a range of activities that are perfect for birthday parties. So come and experience Leo's Playland!



2.1 km from Hotell Arkad (Map)

Welcome to swim and enjoy at Lögarängsbadet. We have a fitness pool, diving tower, hot pool, and a fantastic outdoor pool with multiple water slides. Come and indulge in swimming, bathing, and play - we have plenty of fun for both children and adults.

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